Best Instagram Strategies to Enhance Business Growth

Lucas Martley

You have probably browsed through your Instagram and saw people marketing their brands. You might have even followed a specific top brand product being posted on Instagram or looked at some amazing photos of a product that you wish you would buy soon.

After seeing all this have you ever wondered, what it would be like if you did some marketing of your own using your brand? I know it might be intimidating for starters, but they did it why not you?

To break it out for you consider this, Instagram has 800 million followers from all over the world, and most probably you have a little share of followers already in your personal Instagram account. Imagine reaching out to this audience which is eagerly waiting to see the next top brand to buy from you.

Therefore if you want to see your product getting such tremendous views, you don't worry about it because I got you covered. I will guide you on how to do it.

So, first thing first we need to look at the reason why you should use Instagram for your brands.

Why use Instagram for marketing?

As I mentioned earlier, there are approximately 800 million people distributed across the world who are waiting to see what you have to offer. Apart from that, more than 500 million people use Instagram daily, and more than 250 million pieces of information are shared daily. The further statistic shows that:

As people will tell you, numbers don't lie. Looking at this statistics, it is clear that your brand will be recognizable in such a platform.

Also, consider the fact that other social platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have only 0.1% of total followers engaging business companies that are marketing their products. That is not the case for Instagram since most businesses using the platform to market their product report an active engagement with their followers of approximately 4%.

The answer to the question of why use Instagram is simple, you will use it to reach more people by using visual content.

Therefore it is up to you to decide if you want to make that brand known locally or even internationally. But before you choose to get started on Instagram marketing strategy setting up your aim is crucial.

What is your aim of using Instagram?

Before designing any business strategy, the people involved must first set the necessary goals. These objectives are meant to make the players focus on an absolute path that will help them succeed in the long run. Therefore because you will be using Instagram for the same reason, you will need to come up with attainable goals.

Different people will use different Instagram strategies to market their products depending on what they want to achieve from the social platform. Therefore you will have to decide on the reason you picked Instagram to market your product. To help you come up with a cause or a goal you should consider what strategy will best fit your purpose.

When you ask most people why they would like to use Instagram as their product marketing platform, they will probably give you a vague answer which is they want to sell their products. This answer shows a lack of relevant goals from these people. Therefore there are several goals you can choose from, that is, you may decide to use Instagram for:

Once you have chosen your goal, we can now progress to set up your business account.

Setting up your Instagram business account

Setting up a business account on Instagram is fundamental in several ways. First, your account will be used to showcase your products using visual content and second you will use it to attract more people to see what you have to offer. The bottom line is you will have to use an impressive account to achieve your goals.

The setting up of an account is simple. If it is avoidable, don't use your account. So you will have to create a new account and fill in the company's name and description. After that, ensure that you post a captivating picture of your company logo or brand keeping in mind that Instagram uses visual content to market and therefore people would want to see a good quality picture.

You can link your Instagram account to the Facebook groups that you had created to make it easier for you to borrow content from the platform. You can also add a link to your business account right under the name of the company and description. This link could be used to direct traffic to the page they can get your product. Use it wisely because it is only one.

Meanwhile, let us learn how to create some favorite posts that will get you started.

Creating popular Instagram posts and media

It is no secret that Instagram became popular than its predecessors due to its use of visual content. In all social platform, the posts with a photo get more comments than the one with only text is written posts and links. Therefore, If Instagram utilized this opportunity, why not you?

The best way to attract people to engage in your post is to use the high-quality visual content. Therefore when creating an excellent content focus on the following:

When posting visual content for your post focus on the quality of images that you are displaying. You should make sure that the photo you snap has all the relevant details and stands out from the rest. It should be taken from a properly lit environment and the message accompanying it should be related to the picture. Make sure you also use proper filters but don't overdo it. If you find a theme that best fits the kind of post that you make stick with it because consistency is also crucial.

Creativity is also an added advantage because you would not want your visual content to look like a straight-up advertisement. By using different setting and strategies, you will be able to engage the followers to make comments.

Frequency of posting

The best marketing strategy would be to come up with a consistency number of times you will be posting. Don't overwhelm your audience with so many posts in their feed which will eventually lead them to unfollow you, and also don't let them detect your absence.

So how many times should you post? There is no clear answer to this question because it will majorly depend on the follower's reactions. For starters, you can begin with two or three posts per day and test with more as you grow your audience and products.

Follower's comments

Often we tend to assume we haven't seen the comments of our followers especially if you have thousands of comments on your feed. To ensure that the followers will always be engaged in your posts, try and answer most of their comments. It would eventually lead to a long-term success whereby you can direct them where to buy your products. Therefore, I insist, engage your followers in conversation because it will lead to significant growth.

Use of hashtags

People In social media search for contents they want using hashtags. Instagram applies the same hashtag to help people filter and get what they want faster than just searching it among thousand posts. Therefore if you don't want your content to be lost among the thousands use proper hashtags. The relevant should be relevant to your post and should be familiar with the followers.

Don't use a popular hashtag if you ca and also don't get overly creative with your hashtag as no one will identify it.

Repurposing with friendly companies

If you lack content to post, you can repurpose with relevant companies. That is you can link with another company and post what services they offer, and in turn, they will also do the same for your brand. This The Instagram marketing strategy will make your products to be exposed to more customer through this mutual relationship. After you have mastered how to create posts you can now move on to ways of formulating a content strategy by posting content posts that are relevant to your business and how you will eventually monetize your Instagram account.

How to formulate a content strategy and Monetization using Instagram?

Formulation of content strategy

One of the best marketing strategies to use in Instagram is the posting of relevant and captivating content that will capture the audience attention. And with saying captivating content, I mean visual content. People in Instagram are always looking for content that is exciting and engaging. Therefore you need to come up with material that is eye-catching, captivating, unique and appealing to make it to the top of the Instagram jungle.

The type of content you create will depend on the set goals and which Instagram strategy and content best fit your company demands.

Therefore you can either create:

Using content that focuses on the product is the best marketing strategy used by top brand companies to market their products. The content posted will involve volumes of videos and pictures displaying the products that you are selling for instance clothes, handbags, shoes, perfume, etc. The visual content posted should be able to stand out for it to be recognized by Instagram users. You can even add a little creativity by using your friends or hiring models to use the products while filming or also when taking photos.

Sometimes the company or products that you want to market cannot be captured in a photo-shoot such as a software company. Therefore, you need to come up with Instagram strategies that will help you market your product. All you need to do is use a culture-focused content. This type of content will focus on behind the scenes photos or video explaining what you are doing, or even you can use social photos and videos of the company's staff to create awareness of the company's existence.

Lastly, you can use a user-focused content whereby instead of posting content from your company you use the photos and videos that have been posted by clients using your products. I know this is not an easy one to pull off especially if you are a starter, but you never know tables do turn. This Instagram marketing strategy is majorly employed by top brand companies such as Audi, Nike, and Chevrolet.

Optimizing your Instagram for smart monetization

After posting content that is relevant to your goals you need to increase sales through the use of the platform. You will, therefore, need to optimize your account to increase the number of people buying from you by:

Using Instagram ads - This will offer you the opportunity to market your products on other great platforms. Make sure you utilize this tool.

Use of CTAs - Use Call To Action to increase sales by using links below your post that will direct them to your website or selling platform.

Run promotions and discounts- you need to come up with marketing strategies that involve offering discounts to your products or instead, use promotions.

With the above tips, you are guaranteed to make proper progress in marketing your brand on Instagram. There is no rocket science involved all you have to do is create that business account, follow the tips I have given you and you are good to go.

Remember with the current trends of increased competition between different companies and the increased production of various products; you need to stand out and use all the loopholes you can get to ensure your product or company is known. So why don't you try out Instagram marketing?

Lucas Martley
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