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Find optimal Instagram Hashtags

Hashtag generator at the click of a button

Contrary to popular belief, hashtags are not only for geeks, geeky developers and today’s teens. Love them or hate them =- hashtags are here to stay.

Knowing how to generate and use hashtags effectively is one of the most fundamental parts of social media strategies, required for all brands, brand pages and entrepreneurs who are serious about brand recognition and audience engagement on social media and have a very important place in any well-to-do marketing manager’s marketing strategy.

They allow your brand to be found - they allow your brand to be remembered.

Love them or hate them but know one thing - hashtags are extremely important.
That is why it is imperative to find the perfect hashtag for your brand, because of the simple fact that they promote engagement and the more unique a hashtag, the better.

Generating a hashtag

What users don’t know, is that generating a hashtag is like thinking of a name for your brand - only more intense. Have you ever tried to think of a catchy, flashy, get-stuck-in-your-mind-forever hashtag? It’s like designing an advertising campaign from scratch – it’s just more intense, as it all rests on just one word,


The process of coming up with a non-branded hashtag, takes hours of research. As you know the new hashtag has to be unbranded, innovative, relevant, trendy and needs to define the image of your brand on social media.
It should not contain your brand name.
It should define your brand and reflect what your brand stands for.

A tall order

Branded hashtags are relevant for running campaigns and contents on social media. Having a branded hashtag, also raises awareness for campaigns and initiatives and it organises all your posts in a page, making it very easy to find and this is extremely helpful to users and followers on social media platforms like Instagram, as your brand is literally discoverable, at the end of the hashtag.

That is where the excellent, innovative development team of Poprey comes in. We have designed and launched a brand new, easy-to-use online application that allows you to search for and find hashtags at the click of a button. All the work has been done for you.

No expert analysis of your brand required and no expensive, time-consuming hours required for strategic meetings and workshops in order to generate the best hashtag.

Our online generator has been loaded with the latest algorithms for social media, in order to allow you to generate hashtags that fit your brand like a glove - new, relevant and trendy hashtags – totally unbranded! What’s more is the very easy user interface of our website.

It is literally keywords that you need to type in, and after a few seconds, your hashtag s are generated.

What’s more, we don’t just generate one hashtag, we generate a plethora of hashtags!

How does it work?

No registration

No sign-up

Hashtags galore!

Hashtag generation has never been easier and your brand could have a brand new hashtag by the time you get to the end of this sentence.

The app generates a plethora of hashtags pertaining to your query, whereafter you simply choose the hashtags you like, add them to your publications, your blog, your websites pages, social media etc. and off you go!

Easy does it!