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How do automatic Instagram likes work?

Using social networks is a 100% effective way to increase your company's presence on the market. If you buy Instagram auto likes for a specific profile, potential customers learn more about the products that you offer. Those who order such service through the Poprey, should consider the following prospects:

  • When publishing a new post, people can add the location. It’s a good way to improve potential range and visibility. Take care of this before ordering the service through the Poprey platform. If people indicate a nearby city or gastronomic place, it will increase the number of views.
  • In social networks, it is better to be genuine and close to reality than to look for impeccable or ideal. In this case, users will have no complaints about identity. Consider the experience that the user can refer to.
  • Be in touch with your subscribers so as not to lose the target audience. Every day, more than 300 million users add Instagram stories and posts. It’s a fantastic method of encouraging potential consumers to interact with brands and express their thoughts and experience. We will help you create loyal fans who feel attached to your company.

How do I make an order?

Likes on Instagram are a kind of recognition for your brands. Most potential buyers primarily read comments and check indicators. It’s about hearts and views. Such functionality indicates to the new guests that the user profile is interesting for hundreds or thousands of people. If you order services on the Poprey website, just follow the algorithm:


Choose the strategy

Carry out an audit to choose the most effective strategy for your market settlement.


Enter details

Set the number of likes and determine the cost.


Pay the tariff

Pay the tariff to start a promotional campaign.


Enjoy the fruits of your labor

Wait until the number of likes rises to the established mark.


Why choose Poprey?
Who is

If you decide to buy real likes from real users automatically, this is a great way to attract an additional target audience for your account and posts. The Poprey is one of the leading brands in the industry which helps expand your coverage in 2-3 clicks. We have been working since 2017, offering favorable prices and flexible conditions. Make an order today to make sure that our service has no equal. We guarantee everyone who decides to buy Instagram views the following benefits:
Brand recognition
Users are more loyal to posts with more likes. They perceive such indicators as confirmation of the veracity of the information, and the high quality of the product.

Promotion to the TOP

The more often users like photos on Instagram, the higher the likelihood of a post being recommended to a specific target group. As a result, page owners attract new visitors and a natural increase in the number of subscribers.

Can I receive likes on my older posts?

For everyone who decided to buy Instagram likes, we offer flexibility conditions. The Poprey doesn't restrict page owners from choosing content to promote. People can add a link to any post if they think that the promotion of materials will be 100% effective. The only condition is that the post is available to all users.

What is the difference between Per post and Subscription packages?

Like is a peculiar assessment of posts, in each of which an indicator is integrated. The number of hearts shows how interesting the information is to subscribers. The increase of likes directly affects the growth of the number of subscribers. But if people do not have time to introduce complex strategies, they can buy the right number of users. This means that the difference between Per post and Subscription packages is that the second option has a direct impact on the result.

Do I need to give you my password?

No, we do not require the user's personal data. Just provide a link to the content or page, and we will make sure that your indicators of posts and the number of users grow. No risk that your account will be hacked. The Poprey always values its reputation without giving a reason for complaints.

Can my account be banned for buying automatic likes?

Be sure that such incidents cannot happen. We use safe algorithms and always use Artificial Intelligence to improve efficiency. The Instagram algorithm does not distinguish the natural growth of the target audience from the third-party platforms.

What payment methods are available?

We do our best to ensure that people who use the Poprey platform do not experience delays or misunderstandings when making payments. This is one of the reasons why more and more people trust us. Due to our partnership with CommerceGate, we ensure the security of every transaction, whether you use MasterCard or Maestro.

How do I cancel my subscription?

When you decide to buy subscribers or likes but the indicator does not increase for some reason, people can contact support to cancel the package. But if you ordered service and it works effectively, we will not refund the money. So, be meticulous when activating each package.
Tips and Tricks

How many Instagram posts should I make in one month if I decided to buy automatic likes?

As soon as you define the target audience, you may think about drawing up a schedule of your publications on Instagram. Start with a list of the most important events. This may be the beginning of the school year, the period of tax returns, or even specific days, such as Black Friday. Surely for each category of content, you will have to buy automatic likes. People who order services through the Poprey platform can be divided into several categories:

Owners of online stores

Cooperation with the Poprey is essential for people who want to increase demand for a particular product and help in analyzing audience preferences.

Beginning entrepreneurs

People order services on our website for creating a brand image to attract new customers, and partners, and increase demand for specific services.

Experts (psychologists, coaches, real estate agents)

Such people can Increase user confidence, expand the client base, highlight the page among similar ones.

For each category, you will need a different number of likes in order to ensure a 100% effectiveness of the promotion. That is why we offer flexible terms of cooperation. With us, people can use AI-based tools to quickly calculate their future spending. No overpayment, only time-tested strategies that work 100%.


Can I buy automatic Instagram likes for a business profile

For 10 years, Instagram has transformed from an application where users shared their photos to a global marketing platform. This company offers additional solutions for specific target groups. With a business profile, people have more benefits. With the Poprey, all owners of such accounts can easily order auto likes, and they do not have to worry about any restrictions. Here are the main advantages of cooperation with our team:

  • People can promote products and services
  • Developing the community
  • Increased visibility
  • Imaged corporate culture
  • Sharing news about a specific industry

How often should I buy auto likes on Instagram?

The effectiveness of the strategy in social networks is based primarily on the deep knowledge of your audience. The same goes for the choice of the number of likes necessary to increase coverage. Analyze the demographic of Instagram to understand who visits your page, then determine the key segments that correspond to your requests. Typically, IG page owners who prefer digital marketing buy automatic Instagram likes with any promo campaign.


Can I combine auto likes and other packages from the Poprey?

Instagram provides a wide range of features. Just post a video or photo that best represents your case and you will see that it works 100% for all businesses. If people who decide to buy Instagram auto likes for their content use combined strategies, the reach of the target audience will increase. Try to add filters, stickers, and audio editing tools to greatly enhance this effect. Change the overall color palette, increase contrast, and reduce the harshness of shadows and highlights. Only then click on the button Buy Instagram followers to ensure maximum efficiency.