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Going through the stress of creating a post on Instagram and seeing it not get the attention it deserves can be frustrating. As a brand, an individual, or a business, your Instagram posts need to get to as many people as possible to make an impact and have exhausted all the options available. See your reputation and credibility as well as your brand recognition increase significantly — let your views soar to new heights on one of the world’s most famous and vital social media platforms!

The best way to ensure your video gets as much attention as possible within a short time is to buy Instagram views.

Instagram is simply the best social media platform for brand recognition. It is considered the photo-and-video-sharing social media behemoth for consumers and brands alike - Instagram users are sharing a whopping 95 million photos and videos per day!

Another interesting point is that Instagram followers’ average age is becoming younger —18- to 29-year-olds are currently the most active Instagram followers and users — and they are also the buyers and leaders of tomorrow. Create your brand, create awareness! All you need to do is get more views on Instagram, the hottest app for sharing videos.

A high view count means people are interested in your video, or they find it interesting enough (this is not always the case); hence Instagram's algorithm suggests the video to other users for them to see what others are seeing.

Instagram video views count only shows views from the mobile app as the service is not yet available in the web version. This means only views of users using the mobile app will show in the views count and not including the ones from the web browser.

A popular Instagram video has so many benefits: direct monetization increased reach for the poster, increased followers, and many others.

And if you've been wondering if it's a good idea to buy views, yes it is, and it's safe and secure; views are from real people.

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Why Should You Buy Instagram Views?

It's a good idea to buy Instagram views to increase the reach and popularity of your video. A video with a high view count benefits you in so many ways, either as an individual:

  • hoping to increase online popularity,
  • who wants to spread a meaningful message or
  • who wishes to become an influencer and get paid by advertising for brands
  • as a brand that wants to reach a wider audience and increase trust with the high view count or as a business that wants to explore new markets, introduce new products, or improve the popularity of an existing one.

Buying Instagram views means your video becomes popular. By the design of Instagram's algorithm 2021 - 2022, your popular video will be suggested to other users from where you will get more organic views, likes and reach your target audience.

Buy Instagram Views With Instant Delivery

Are you convinced you need to buy views? Your views are delivered instantly, within five minutes of purchase, and your video view count shoots up immediately.

It is advised you buy views for recent videos and immediately after you post them, starting with high momentum. This will pique people's interest more when they see a new video with a high view count than an old video whose views suddenly shoot up, and users might get skeptical and assume there's more than meets the eye.

How to buy Instagram views

To purchase Instagram views for your videos, follow the simple steps below, and your views will reflect in your account within a short time.

  1. Select the number of views you would like to buy. There are options ranging from as low as 200, 500, 1000 views to as high as 50 000, 100 000, 200 000, 500 000 views. Pick from options, depending on the priority of the video and the size of the target audience.
  2. Insert your username and email in the box provided. Please note that the username you will provide must have at least one recent post.
  3. Pay for the views using your PayPal. Your Instagram account and PayPal are both secure when using our services.
  4. Conclude your payment and watch the views delivered within 5 minutes of payment confirmation.
  5. Also, views don depreciate after the service has been rendered.

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