Terms of Service: Rules, Refund and Privacy Policy

All customers should familiarize themselves with the rules that come into force from 10.03.2018

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    • Buyer A natural or legal person who orders our services.
    • Order Presentation of relevant information and payment.
    • Guarantee Ability to receive compensation for missing product.
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    General rules

    • In the event of a technical fault, the buyer is obliged to inform the administration.
    • Free Instagram Followers is allowed only once, as a test of our services.
    • Processing the order is possible if your profile is unlocked to everyone and you have your profile picture set.
    • For creating a dispute in PayPal, you will be added to the black list and your account will be blocked.
    • If we change the rules, we'll let you know about it.
  3. 3

    Delivery policy

    • After you provide the required information regarding your order and E-mail, the service fulfillment will begin after the payment is completed.
    • In case the payment for some reason has been put on hold or canceled, the service will not start the fulfillment.
    • If the service description says that the start is in 24 hours, the time starts after the payment is received. You will receive your order to the post/picture/video etc.; you indicated before the payment.
    • If you didn't receive the service according to the description, please get in touch with us via the form on https://poprey.com/contact or E-mail: [email protected]
  4. 4

    Refund policy

    • If we did not process the order because of a locked profile or invalid data, you are welcome to apply for a refund.
    • If you specified invalid data and your order went to someone else, we are not going to refund or process the order for the correct address.
    • You can receive the full reimbursement of your money if you haven’t started to receive your goods within 48 hours after they were paid.
    • You can apply for refund within the warranty period once in 24 hours.
    • If you are ordering from several services, we will not refund in anyway.
    • The warranty period and its presence / absence can be found in the description of the product you need.
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    • Processing the order is possible if your profile is unlocked to everyone and you have your profile picture set.
    • We are not responsible for the deviations of the actual functioning of the service from the description because its evaluation may differ depending on the client of our services.
    • We are not responsible for any consequences caused after you receive the order.
    • In case an order is greater than the maximum quantity, we do not promise the corresponding implementation description.
    • Cardholder correspondence address: Harju maakond, Tallin, Kesklinna linnaosa, Roseni tn 13, 10111, Estonia
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    Privacy policy

    • We will never pass to third parties your e-mail that you use to make orders and open the tickets in the system.
    • We reserve the right to send e-mail notifications to you in the e-mail you have indicated when making a ticket or order.
    • Everything you indicate in the order is strictly secured to prevent the data leakage to third parties, so your anonymity is fully guaranteed.
    • We rigorously protect from any third parties the data needed to access the account and all other data connected with it required to work with referral system or needed for a buyer to enter and operate in its account.
    • All payment data is encrypted with the best encryption system currently existing to prevent their leakage to third parties.
    • If any unforeseen circumstances connected with your payment card occur, we’ll immediately inform you using the e-mail and proper description on our site’s pages about the process to prevent you from losing your money.
    • The website uses SSL encryption that ensures the confidentiality of your information in the transmission of data. In no case, we do collect store, or transfer data from your card. The payment operations are carried out entirely through the secure server of our payment gateways. Qloyd OU will not collect and store Qloyd OU will not sell, purchase, provide, exchange or in any other manner disclose Account or Transaction data, or personal information of or about a Cardholder to anyone, except, it’s Acquirer, Card networks/associations or in response to valid government demands.