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Buying Instagram Followers: Is it Possible to Do it Without Hurting Your Business?

Donald Trump did it. Kim Kardashian did it. Rihanna did it too. But can you buy Instagram followers successfully? 

In Instagram’s golden age, no one wants to miss out on the opportunity to promote on this fast-growing platform. However, building a popular Instagram account takes time and effort. From crafting a launch strategy to managing comments and direct messages, running a popular profile can become a daily job. 

If you decide to take a shortcut and buy Instagram followers, read this post to learn how to do it safely for your business.

Why buy Instagram followers?

The popularity of a person on Instagram -- and sometimes in the real world too -- is measured by his or her social army. An impressive number of online fans means a person has an influence on this audience, and that brings a lot of benefits to its owner.

Influencers get better hotel rooms (and oftentimes, for free), exclusive gifts from brands, credibility, and lots of attention. Even with 5,000 followers, you can benefit from profitable partnerships with local stores, restaurants, and other influencers. For businesses, a large follower base makes them look more trustworthy for new customers. 

Like it or not, the size of your Instagram followership is a modern way to define your caste. So little wonder that people are so crazy about getting more followers.

Is it possible to buy Instagram followers in 2020?

With services like, you can easily buy up to 10,000 Instagram followers. It works almost instantly -- you pay and here they are, your online fans. 

Purchasing followers is so easy that it can be very tempting to make it the only marketing strategy in your arsenal. However, you should know that if you have gone too far with Instagram automation, you could be banned temporarily or entirely. 

That happens because Instagram embraces user engagement and meaningful connections between its users, so the social platform is building mechanisms for preventing mass liking, following, and commenting. Still, if you are careful enough, buying Instagram followers is possible.

How much does it cost to buy Instagram followers?

Prices for Instagram followers vary from service to service. How much it costs to buy followers on Instagram depends on the number of followers. In, for example, you can get 10 followers for free, and there are seven more pricing packages: 

100 followers -- $1.90

250 followers -- $3.90

500 followers -- $6.90

1000 followers -- $9.90

2000 followers -- $18.90

5000 followers -- $39.90

10,000 followers -- $74.90

As you can see, buying followers can be more affordable than growing your profile from scratch.

How to buy Instagram followers safely

To avoid being blocked on Instagram, you need to observe a few precautions.

Produce quality content

If there’s nothing authentic about your profile, why would real people want to follow you? But you need them regardless of how many followers you’ve bought. 

People on Instagram are attracted by quality, unique content, so you should create your own images and stories. That doesn’t have to be too hard. Follow these tips to produce a flow of content: 

Use tools and templates to simplify photo editing

Plan your content beforehand

Take a lot of pictures so that you can choose the best shot later

Run hashtag campaigns and repost users’ content.

Grow gradually 

If you buy 10,000 Instagram followers for a brand new account, Instagram will probably notice your unnaturally rapid growth. 

According to Instagram’s guidelines, the limit is 1440 actions (likes, comments, following people, etc) per day on Instagram. So if you’re new to Instagram, be careful and don’t exceed this limit.

Pay attention to bans

If you buy too many followers, you can get banned. But don’t panic, the first ban is usually temporary. If you were banned, just don’t buy more followers. 

With a temporary ban, you can’t comment, like, follow or send Direct Messages for up to two weeks. Instagram can put a temporary ban on you multiple times, and if you don’t stop doing whatever caused the ban, you can get blocked forever.

Keep an eye on your engagement rate

It’s easy to see when someone buys too many followers: purchased followers usually don’t like and comment, so there will be a big difference between the number of your followers and the number and likes and comments (a.k.a engagement rate.)

Try to keep your engagement rate close to average. A standard for engagement rate on Instagram is between 1% and 3%. That means if you have 10,000 Instagram followers, you should at least have 100-300 likes per post.

Complete your Instagram account

This is needed to show Instagram that you’re not a bot account. The latter are usually empty, so don’t make yours look the same. 

Make sure you’ve got:

1. The profile picture

2. The bio

3. The name

4. Contact info

5. Some photos 

6. A connected Facebook/Twitter/YouTube page.

To sum up: can you actually buy followers on Instagram?

If getting a solid number of followers is your priority, services can help you.  When you get an impressive follower base, the next thing you need to do is start attracting organic followers and nurture trust in them.

Don’t forget to switch to a public profile so that users can see it and follow you organically in the Explore section and on searches for relevant hashtags (remember to use at least 15 hashtags per post) and high engagement rates won’t keep you waiting.

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