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How to frequently appear in the Stories list and increase the number of views

How do Stories display algorithms work on Instagram?

A horizontal feed from Stories is formed according to the same principles as a regular feed. Algorithms evaluate:

  • Your interests: what kind of content you usually watch and assess.
  • The relevance of publication.
  • Your relationship with the author of the post: how often you go to his page, like and comment on posts. More often, in your feed, there will be stories of people whose content you are interested in.

How to apply this knowledge to Stories and how to create Stories that receive a lot of views in general.

1. The golden rule - post only readable and enjoyable content

Followers will quickly scroll through poor-quality content or completely scroll (long swipe to the right) your account. After that, you will rank worse for people who have not shown interest in you. Therefore, try to make every published stories entertaining.

2. Do not post too often

When strips indicating the number of stories turn into dots - this happens when publishing more than ten pieces - it scares. Stories is a format where content is consumed very quickly, people do not expect to spend a lot of time on your publications. Therefore, limit yourself to 4-6 stories per day.

3. Add hashtags and locations

A new audience from the hashtag and geo-tags may come to you if you get into the top stories. Previously, in this way, people promoted accounts, going to the top by hashtag.

4. Arrange online broadcasts

Instagram notifies subscribers of live broadcasts, and the profile of the author of the broadcast shows in front of the entire list of stories.

Therefore, organize a broadcast to remind about yourself to inactive subscribers.

But do not abuse this method. Because of constant notifications, people may even unsubscribe from you.

5. But how to get the subscriber to see all the "stories" to the end, and also answer them? Play a game with them!

And here you have 2 options, invented and tested personally, with the help of which the Stories views increased almost 4 times:

  • Find emojis
  • Find the encrypted phrase

What's the benefit: the user will scroll through the Stories slides a little, looking for the same emoji or words, which will increase the total number of views by several times and lead to history getting to the top by hashtag or geolocation.

As an additional motivation, you can promise a shout to the first three participants who gave the correct answer. And for companies and brands, this is an opportunity to draw in this way a simplistic prize.

To make such a game is quite simple: just download the wallpaper for your gadget with "shelves" for the icons, and you can safely place emojis on them immediately in the story creation mode.

The second game, "Find Encrypted Phrase," increased views 2.5 times. Users spent less time searching and less often returned to the previous slide. But it also allowed the Stories to reach the top in geolocation.

6. Save your stories

Users like it when they can immediately find what interests them in any profile. Stories can become a kind of catalog of your products, the main thing is to arrange everything gracefully and do not impose your goods. This will significantly increase the visibility of stories.

7. Analyze effectiveness

Connect a business account on Instagram to analyze Stories and keep track of which topics and formats (photos, polls, videos) get the most views and which ones, on the contrary, are scrolled.

Remember about the quality of the content - recommendations on how to make original and exciting Stories are often published on the Instagram blog and on specialized resources for marketers. Experiment with new features and formats - pathfinders get more attention and reach.

AuthorLucas Martley