How to Get Auto Comments on Instagram -- And Should You?

If you’ve noticed Instagram blocking your comments, don’t rush to blame a technical error.

Instagram has been fighting fake accounts for a long time, and a daily Engagement Activity Limit takes the platform one step closer. That measure helps to battle auto- liking and commenting services that some marketers use to grow their profiles. 

If you are going to auto comment on Instagram, make sure you recognize your risks. 

First, Instagram is not going to warn you that it’s going to block your account. One day, it can just happen and ruin your plans.

How can I avoid being blocked?

The general rule of thumb is not to abuse any action on Instagram. Make sure you:

Don’t include more than 30 hashtags within one post (some tools allow to add auto comments on Instagram hashtags.)

Don’t mention more than 5 accounts in a single comment. 

Don’t post identical comments (including emoji.)

Don’t use banned words.

Don’t post inappropriate or spammy content, and don’t violate copyright. The users can report that to Instagram.  

Don’t post too many comments (or likes.)

What’s “too many comments”?

It’s hard to imagine how to auto comment on Instagram without breaking the limits. The official Instagram guide warns transparently: 

Your max. number of likes is 60 per hour;

Your max. number of comments is 60 per hour;

Your max. number of followers is 60 per hour;

Your max. number of messages is 60 per hour;

 Easy to remember, isn’t it? But you still can get blocked -- accidentally or not.

Instagram banned me. What should I do?

If you see a warning from Instagram and can’t perform a certain action (like, comment), don’t panic. There are two possible scenarios:

If you are seeing a message saying “Action Blocked”, it’s a temporary ban. Instagram usually lets you know the period, so no worries, just stop doing whatever caused that ban. 

If you see and error followed by the service message that “your account has been disabled”, that’s bad. You can reach out to Instagram support, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get your profile back.

Still wonder how to get auto comments on Instagram and think that’s a good idea? Then set limits in your software  and keep an eye on your followers, the number of messages, and other suspiciously growing activities that may break the existing Instagram standards.

Lucas Martley