How to Write Good and Cute Comments for Instagram: TOP-7 Hacks You Should Know

Did you know that Instagram posts get 10x more engagement than Facebook posts? In simple words, engagement means likes and comments that users leave on posts.

Born as a simple photo-sharing service, Instagram has grown to a powerful platform for communication. With the rise of Instagram bloggers, meaningful conversations in comments have become just as important for growing a solid Instagram presence as beautiful photography. And who doesn’t want to build a popular Instagram profile? 

Leveraging Instagram comments is a free way to get more attention to your profile and grow your fanbase. The hacks below will help you to write great Instagram comments that get read and spark discussions.

Hack 1: Comment on popular accounts

First of all, if you want your comment to get noticed, comment on an Instagram account that has already got a lot of followers.

However, stay away from fake profiles: those usually have thousands of fake followers (aka bots) and low engagement. For example, if you discover a profile with 15,000 followers and see the average of 30 likes and zero comments on the posts, rest assured that it’s a fake one. No matter how hard you try to start a discussion on such a profile, chances are no one will respond.

Look for profiles with the engagement rate over 1%. To calculate the engagement rate of an Instagram post, take the sum of its likes and comments, then divide it by the number of followers, and then divide by 100 to get the percentage. 

Hack 2: Be one of the first to comment on a new post

There are hundreds of comments under posts of popular Instagram accounts. If you aim to increase your chances of getting noticed, you need to be among the first to leave your comment. 

No need to stay up all night refreshing your feed. Instagram can notify you about new posts in the profiles of your choice. To get push notifications for someone you follow on Instagram:

1. Open their profile page.

2. Tap the three dots in the upper-right corner.

3. Choose to “Turn on Post Notifications.”

Be ready to write something cool as soon as you’re notified. Below you’ll get tips for writing good comments for Instagram pictures. 

Hack 3: Ask a question

Owners of popular Instagram profiles strive for increasing engagement, and nothing creates engagement better than a good discussion. 

So start one by asking a question. Whether it’s addressed to the account owner or their followers, the right question will draw their attention and spark conversation. 

If you know that the owner is active in the comments and replies to most of them, address your question directly to him or her. Ask anything from personal questions to photo editing tips. All that shows the page owner you care.

Or, you can ask followers for advice. For example, if you comment on a post about beauty trends, you can ask people where you can buy that awesome metallic mascara. 

Important: try to ask open questions (starting with How/Why/Where/What etc.) as they are more likely to generate opinions.

Hack 4: Share a story

Bloggers and influencers often end their captions with open questions to motivate their followers to write comments. Say, the owner might share a recipe and ask, “Have you ever cooked pani puri at home?”

Use these questions as an opportunity to share a story rather than simply say Yep or Nah. The more personal your story gets, the more people will read it. Try to add details that are helpful to others, for example, if you have cooked pani puri, tell others about your favorite flavors.

Don’t make your story too long. The internet has gifted us with what’s called clip thinking, a.k.a the inability to concentrate. If content loads too slowly or gets too difficult to consume, it costs you nothing to close the tab and switch to something else. If your story is full of unnecessary details, or the text looks clumsy, people in the comments can skip it entirely. 

Hack 5: Keep it relevant

Make sure you’re not sharing Game of Thrones spoilers under a post about winter coats. Best comments for Instagram add to the original topic, not distract from it. 

If you don’t know what to say, at the very least, leave a compliment. It’s best if you make it specific. Instead of “You are awesome!”, you can say, “I love your writing style.”

Hack 6: Stay polite

When people chat on the internet, it’s different from an in-person conversation. There’s a set of unwritten rules for being polite online -- netiquette.

Most people are braver on social media than they are in real life. So you need to be ready to get an insulting reply from a troll. Though negative, abusive, or offensive statements quickly get viral, don’t enter this game. You don’t need a special talent to insult somebody online -- writing sweet comments for Instagram can be more challenging.

Here are some rules for you to follow: 

Avoid writing in all capital letters as that creates the effect of shouting.

Don’t spam others with comments like “Check out my profile.”

Don’t bully other followers. The owner of the profile may block you if they notice bullying. 

Try not to use inappropriate words like slang abbreviations or swear words under posts with serious discussions. 

Slow down on emoji. No need to illustrate every other word you’re typing. 

Reduce sarcasm to a minimum. Passive aggression still counts as aggression. 

Hack 7: Be authentic

As mentioned above, a good comment is one that is authentic and adds something thoughtful to the post. It’s more than just an emoji or “love this!”. 

Cute Instagram comments won’t work if you’re not sincere. A good comment is an honest one, so no need to be a rainbow pony all the time. Add critics to posts if you feel like it, just remember to explain your point rather than simply say something sucks. 

Great discussions are born when all parties are passionate about the topic. So it’s better not to start commenting something if that doesn’t spark your own interest.

To sum up

For owners of popular Instagram profiles, comments are as important as great pictures. Cute comments for pictures on Instagram are not enough to really get noticed. If you wonder how to write a comment on Instagram to attract the attention of a blogger, write meaningful comments.  

And that’s easier than you think. If you’re neither a spammer nor a bully, can keep to the point, and add a unique perspective to the conversation, you’re good to go.

Lucas Martley