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How to promote a YouTube channel: a complete guide for beginners

Most people consider YouTube only as a popular video hosting service. But do not forget that this is the second most searched search engine in the world. At the moment, the YouTube audience is more than a billion people, and this figure is continuously growing. This opens up great opportunities for promoting your brand using video marketing. In our guide, you'll learn how to promote your YouTube channel, draw attention to your videos, and gain a lot of followers.

How to promote a YouTube channel

What kind of videos to shoot for YouTube?

There is no universal recipe for creating useful video - it all depends on the needs of the target audience and your capabilities. Use our ideas to find the right type of video content for yourself:

  • Interviews and Opinions

Interview a colleague, a well-known blogger, or just an expert in your field. Make a list of questions in advance. Make sure that your story will be interesting to the audience because you are shooting for the audience and not for yourself. 

  • Guides and instructions

This is one of the most effective types of video content. The format of the manual always depends on the kind of problem being monitored. For example, if you are explaining how to use a program, record a screencast with a voice explanation of all the actions. Think through every detail and explain to subscribers the process of solving the problem as if they were children.

  • Reviews

This can be independent reviews, reviews of competitors' products, and so on. Such videos play a significant role in a customer journey map. The main thing is to be honest and indicate both the advantages and disadvantages of the products. 

  • Stories

Tell your subscribers an exciting story. Explain a phenomenon and illustrate the video with additional graphic elements. Storytelling can be a handy tool in the hands of a marketer. 

  • Entertaining content

Such content is the reason why people come to Youtube. The concept of "entertaining" here implies not only videos with kittens. There are so many possibilities that it is simply impossible to list them. Not to mention the fact that you can create ideas for such content by yourself. 

  • Creative advertising

Someone may say that YouTube users are already viewing enough advertising content, and you should not test their patience once again. Will anyone in their right mind purposefully watch ads on YouTube? Yes, if this is a super creative and viral video. Combine the above types of content to make an advertising video that people will search for themselves. 

Another example of viral advertising is the popular video from Dollar Shave Club:

We will not waste your time talking about the fact that the videos should be very high quality in terms of content. You will find these words in every such manual. Before shooting a video at all, ask yourself two questions:

  1. Will this video be interesting and useful to my audience?
  2. Would I share this video on social networks?

If both answers are positive, then you are on your track.

Formats of videos on youtube

Previously, YouTube had to upload videos with an aspect ratio of 16: 9. Otherwise, black bars appeared on the sides or above and below - they filled the free space of square and vertical videos.

How to promote a YouTube channel

Now you don't need to do this anymore, because YouTube allowed you to upload videos in any format you want - the player simply adjusts to the size of the video. For example, for widescreen videos, you no longer need to add bars at the top and bottom during editing.

How to promote a YouTube channel

Instead, just upload the video in the format in which you shot it.

Now videos with any aspect ratio are displayed correctly. But it's better to stick to the 16: 9 format because it's exactly what users are used to seeing. An exception can be made if you want to achieve some effect using the aspect ratio.

How to design and optimize a channel?

The first thing you need to do if you decide to seriously take up the promotion of the channel on YouTube is its design. Attractive design inspires trust among users and, as a result, helps to get more subscribers. It may seem that this task is limited to the design of the icon and cover, but it is much more complicated. In this guide, we will guide you through all the steps of channel optimization.

How to choose a channel icon?

The channel icon serves as your "avatar" on YouTube - it is displayed not only on your channel, but also in search results, comments, and the list of subscriptions. The best solution for companies or well-known blogs is to use your logo as an icon. If you have a personal video blog, then put your photo on which your face is clearly visible. Use a high-quality image with a resolution of 800x800 pixels.

How to promote a YouTube channel

How to style your channel cover?

The maximum and optimal cover size is 2560x1440 pixels. Because the cover is displayed differently on different devices, in the center, there is a place that will be displayed correctly everywhere. This is an area of 1546x423 pixels. Put the main content of your cover there so that users of any devices can view it without problems.

Besides, you can add links to your website and social media accounts to the channel cover. Hover over the cover, click on the edit button in the upper right corner and select "Change Links."

Scroll down the page and see the "Links" section. YouTube allows you to add up to 14 links to sites and social networks, but no more than five can be displayed on the cover.

Put the important links and click on the "Finish" button.

How to create, customize, and optimize playlists?

YouTube playlists are an important element in channel design. They help to solve several problems at once:

Make channel navigation easier

By combining thematic videos into playlists, you help users navigate your channel.

How to promote a YouTube channel

Encourage users to watch additional videos

If users see that publications are logically connected and combined into a series, then it is more likely that they will not stop watching one video.

Follow our instructions to learn how to create playlists on YouTube and add videos to them:

1. Go to the video manager at Creator Studio

2. Select Playlists

3. Click on the New Playlist button

4. Enter a name for the playlist. Be sure to include the relevant keyword phrase in the title - playlists are also indexed by YouTube's and displayed in the search results.

5. Specify privacy settings

6. Click on the "create" button

On the screen that appears, go to settings immediately. A window with three tabs opens:

The main

Correct your privacy settings, if necessary, and select the most convenient way to sort the videos in the playlist.

Activate the "set as the official series playlist for these videos" feature. How it works: when a user enters a video from a playlist in any way (via search or via a link), a window with the next video starts to appear to the right of the video. In addition, when the first video ends, the following will start playing automatically (assuming the user has autoplay enabled).


In this tab, you can configure the automatic addition of new videos to the playlist, subject to specific rules. For example, if you record "gaming video walkthrough," create a rule in which each new video with the word "Let'sPlay" in the title will be automatically added to the corresponding playlist. The same rule can be set for description and tags.

How to promote a YouTube channel


If you are filming a series of videos in collaboration with someone, use this feature to give your colleagues the ability to add videos to a playlist. Just activate the slider, copy the link, and send it to everyone you want to provide access to the playlist.

You're ready to start adding new videos to the playlist. You can find them either through a search, or insert a direct link to the desired video, or select from the list of your publications.

How to install a channel trailer?

A trailer is a video that visitors who have visited your channel but have not yet subscribed to see it. The main task of the trailer is to introduce your content to new users and encourage them to become your subscribers.

You should not choose one of your already captured videos as a trailer. Take a new one and tell us what your channel is about, how often you post content, and why people should subscribe to you. Be sure to use a call to action.

Follow our instructions to learn how to add a YouTube channel trailer:

  • Download the video you want to make your trailer
  • Go to the channel page and make sure that you have the channel overview enabled (you should have done this before organizing the sections in the last paragraph)
  • On the main page, select the "For new viewers" ​​tab and click on the "Channel Trailer" button.
  • Select a trailer from the list of your videos or insert a link to it. Click on the "Save" button.

How to optimize video before downloading?

Creating a high-quality video is a topic for a separate series of articles, so today we'll look at just two things you need to know before uploading videos to YouTube:

1. Technical parameters of the video

YouTube has an official description of the recommendations for choosing the technical parameters of the video. You can read it here.

2. Video file name

The fact is that YouTube cannot understand the content of the video itself - the name of the video, its description, as well as the name of the downloaded file help him in this.

Many do not attach any importance to this and download files with the names MOV1234.avi, DSC1234.avi, Untitled1.mp4, and so on. Avoid this mistake. Include the passphrase in the file name. For example, if you upload a video guide on simple card tricks, name the file card tricks for beginners.avi. This will help YouTube understand what your video is about.

How to write and optimize the name of the video?

The name of the video is one of the first things users will see when they search for the video. It should be short, attracting attention and revealing the meaning of the video. Be sure to include keywords. The entry should be natural - neither users nor YouTube's search robots will like the name, stuffed with crooked "keywords."

The YouTube video title is limited to 100 characters.

How to write and optimize video description?

The length of the YouTube video description is limited to 5000 characters. Use this space wisely and remember that the longer your descriptions are, the better.

Use the most relevant keywords at the very beginning of the description - this will make YouTube easier to understand the content of the video. The first few sentences are generally imperative, because they will be used to form snippets in:

  • Google (first 100 characters)
  • YouTube (first 125 characters)

In addition, when a user opens a video, YouTube does not display the full description, but only the first 157 characters. To see the rest, you must click the "More" button. Pay special attention to this fragment of the description - it should catch visitors, make them fully watch the video, and read the description.

If the video is short, then write the full transcript of the audio track. So you tell YouTube the whole meaning of your video, and also get additional views thanks to the low-frequency and ultra-low-frequency key phrases in the transcript.

If the video is long, then use timestamps. Just mark the desired moments of the video in the format hour: minute: second, and they will automatically turn into clickable links. Thus, users can immediately jump to the part of the video they are interested in.

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