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Instagram Model (Read About) How-To Become One In 2019

According to an article on, they listed 99 extremely interesting Instagram statistics of which I mention a few below. I bet you didn’t know that

Instagram Model

Imagine if some of those 4.2 billion daily likes could be for you!

Every little boy and girl have dreamed about what you wanted to be when you grow up. We all did it. Some of us are just more honest to admit that our lives didn’t turn out like we had dreamed.

Did you often dream of being famous? Did you dream of being beautiful and everybody was just crazy about you? We all did. Did you ever think of becoming a model?

We all did. We dreamt of becoming a model, then you dreamt of the big house you would buy. I personally, always wanted a pink car. Like the one Bruce Springsteen drives in his song Pink Cadillac. Yes, with crushed velvet seats.

The reality is so different. For most of us, but not for everybody.

So you’ve thought of becoming a model? Why not become an Instagram model?

Are you ready? Why Instagram?

Why not Instagram?

Instagram, the land of perfect selfies, beautiful, flawless-skinned models and millions of dollars in revenue.

What’s not to love?

It is the most widely used social media app in the world and it allows it’s millions of users to share photos, videos, comments, status updates, likes with their friends as well as strangers - for free.

Broken down in its purest form, it’s an app for sharing pictures. A long, long time ago, in the beginning of it’s up to now short lifetime, it was basically used as a photo sharing app, with beautiful filters. This soon changed.

It is now the best social media platform in the world. It reaches far and wide and it continues growing and so does its influence.

Instagram is very visual, so anything that is a photo, and everything that is beautiful, goes. That is why it is so popular with beautiful people from all over the world.

Because you see, we don’t like ugly stuff

People use it to grow their following,
People use it to grow their brands
And they use it to become famous. Very famous.

And you can too.

There are many models on Instagram - both male and female and millions of beautiful women and according to an article by Upfluence, there is a list of "50 Instagram models that you must follow in 2019".

But before you get to following, you’ve got some work to do. If you have made up your mind to become an Instagram model, let’s lay it out and see step-by-step how to go about it.

After all, talent agents use Instagram in order to search for new talent, so you might be next.

What you need

Not all of us are lucky enough to be born with natural good looks. Not all of us have the surname Kardashian or Jenner or was born with a silver spoon in the mouth. Not all of us have millions of dollars to pay for plastic surgery (then lie about it later) LOL!.

Instagram is a visual video platform that has an exceptional amount of global influence. That is why it’s so popular – it’s easier to look at something quickly with your eyes and take it in, instead of reading a book for hours – thus the popularity of pictures and videos.

The human psyche

People can say what they want and you can disagree as much as you want, but the point is that humans like what looks good. We want what looks good, too. We don’t like ugly or unattractive things. We don’t like unattractive people either.

Plain and simple. The reason why Instagram is so famous, is because we, as humans, buy with our eyes. We don’t buy with our heads or with our hearts.

You can take it as that - we purchase with your eyes, and if it looks good, 99% of the time, you will want it. You will buy it just to get it. Just because of how it looks.

If something looks good, it sells because everyone wants it. If somebody looks good and they are attractive, everyone will want to be like him or her. If they can’t look like her, the next best thing is to strive. Our entire lives are made up of copy, paste, copy paste. So we follow that person on Instagram and copy, copy, copy.

It is exactly the same in real life, take a normal neighbourhood in middle class USA for example. If one neighbour buys a new car, the next neighbour will, and the next, and the next.

If you are in the market for a specific car, for example a Mercedes Benz. You will drive around in your old car, before buying the new car, and the only cars you will notice will be Mercedes Benz’s. Why? Because that’s just the way we are. Then you will think to yourself: "Self, lots of people drive Mercedes, I am getting one too – it’s the right decision."

In school, if one student gets a new gadget, all the other kids will want one too.

In school, were any of the unattractive children popular? Nope. But the attractive ones, were they popular? Yes.

Or maybe you follow an unattractive person on Instagram because they have a really cute personality?

Step 1

So, make your list, and let’s see what you have to offer.

Make a list – basically as if you were going to the supermarket – type of a list. What can you bring to the table? Focus on all your positive points first.

Not how you look, but by making what you have, attractive to others.

Be unique
Be a certain niche
Be different

Instagram Model

Step 2: A good photographer

Get a photographer. This is very important and an extremely crucial step. One you will probably have to pay for, if you don’t know a good photographer. Using a below par photographer can cost you your Instagram career, even before it’s begun.

Choose a photographer with a good track record and a large, versatile portfolio and interesting style. Don’t choose a wedding photographer or a baby portrait photographer. Choose someone who has done fashion shoots before.

Go on social media to find someone, if all else fails. Just find one.

Step 2:

Persona – finding your type of model

Create a persona – decide who you want to be – what kind of a model do you want to be? Do you want to be a bad model? Do you want to be a goodie two shoes type of model? Do you want to be a fashion model?

There are 13 types of models and you can be any one of them.

Instagram Model

The options are far and wide and are both available for men as well as women of all ages. You should have a rough idea now of where you will fit in.


Make a portfolio for yourself– do a few photo shoots and experiment with different looks and styles. This is why a good photographer is so important. They will be able to help you and guide you in order to work with what you have and what potential you have.

You need to create an absolute killer of a portfolio - this is essential and the best medium is to keep it online. Create a website under your name, after taking picture, of course.

First impressions are often the only chance we have, and in this case you will not have a voice, but let your photos do the talking.

Choose the correct photo’s to keep in your portfolio.

Depending on your type of model, you need to design your portfolio with that in mind. If you are a part model, you don’t need to put your face in, but it might be good just to make an overall behind the scenes photo of you, with your face, while photographing your part.

Focus on a wide variety of different types of photos and themes. Show how many different aspects of visual you can be utilised for - i.o.w. Show your range.

Makeup and hair

SPend on makeup and hair for shoots. This is another essetial aspect and not to be skimped on. Good make-up and hair can mean the difference between not being seen and being famous - literally. Get a weird makeup artist and experiment.

Be unique.
Be innovative.
Don’t be afraid.
Use your body.

Marketing yourself on Instagram

You can do your own marketing on Instagram yourself, for yourself in the beginning. Nobody will do it better than you, depending on how much you want to become a model, that is. You will need to spend a hell of a lot of time online. Grow your followers organically, by putting a picture up a day. Comment on others posts, likes etc.

This way, your influence will spread and might get you what you want.

Okay, so you don’t have a model’s page. How to make one? Where to start?

First of all, start a brand new Instagram page.
Choose a username that’s unique and catchy. Search on name generator pages, old magazines I don;t care. Just come up with a catchy Instagram handle for yourself. Basically, your username needs to be a Fc*&^%@# killer!

Tips: Use your location, a niche, your name, your hobbies, your surname, a dream you have.

#Hashtag Hustle

Work that hashtag, my dear. Do it a few hours a day. I promise you, it will pay off. Hashtag your audience, who are you posting for?

You may also use some generic hashtags like for example: Instagood; Instagorge; Instababe; Instacool, etc.

Work it, you’ll soon get the hang.


Try to think of your followers as your family. When they ask you something, or when they like or comment on your posts, thank them. Be interactive. Don’t be distant and don’t be a bitch. Engage, engage!!


Try putting up photos of your daily life activities as well. It keeps you real to your followers and they then see that you're not ‘out of reach’. If they put up a photo, comment on it, even if they have never commented on yours. Don’t put up generic comments, rather personalise them.


Stand out from the crowd. Have empathy and have heart.

#How To Handle It

If someone criticises your photo or a post you put up, thank them for their input and learn from it. Unfortunately, you are not able to please all the people all the time so don’t take it personally. Some bitches be like that.

These people are in a class of their own. If someone writes derogatory comments on your posts or gives you negative input on your photos, acknowledge. If they use swear words or really ugly comments, block them and report them. Once again, don;t take it personally.

If people love you, love them back. If young children ask you information on your page, your photos where you come from, what your are wearing in a photo, take the time to answer. This is very important and makes a world of difference. If they want information on how they too can be like you (when you’re famous) give your information and advice away for free.

Followers against all odds
Try to gain followers against all odds. Got no electricity? - get a generator. Got no internet - get to an internet cafe. Don’t give up. It will be worth it.

Remember, people go more for quality than quantity, so don't beat yourself up if you haven’t reached a certain milestone of followers in a specific timeframe. Just carry on regardless.

Practice doesn’t make perfect, because nobody is.
Practice makes progress.

If you make a mistake, do it again till you get it right. Learn from it.

PS: Then start to follow all the famous models!

AuthorLucas Martley