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A picture is worth …. 1000 Instagram likes, 1000 social media comments, or 1000’s of followers. What makes a picture memorable and, more importantly, will it be worth sharing on social media?

What makes us remember that one, specific picture we saw - while continually being bombarded with pictures from every which way - and why do we remember only one or two pictures out of a plethora?
Amazingly, we can remember long-term memory snapshots, as if they were ‘taken’ by our brains only yesterday – after seeing these images and pictures once only, simply because they were memorable. However, we are unable to remember someone’s telephone number, just by looking at it once. The reason for this is that we are human and they are photos are pictures.

What is memorability and why would you want it?
The Oxford dictionary defines memorability as : ‘’ memorable - ADJECTIVE:
Worth remembering or easily remembered, especially because of being special or unusual’’. For example: ‘he recalled memorable moments in his life’

A photographer is only as good as his last photograph, they say. Therefore, as a social media blogger, photographer and marketer, you need to pique your audience’s interest by means of pictures and more importantly, you need to hold their attention. Curiosity is what makes people look at your picture in the first place and memorability makes them remember it.

It draws people in and it increases likes, followers, comments, and thereafter, the sky is literally the limit.
Why would you want to read a million books and go through five years of graduate school in order to understand the psychology behind why we like a specific picture?
You could also research for hours on end, but why would you, when you can just, by the click of a button - know INSTANTLY whether your photo will be MEMORABLE OR NOT?!
This is not always easy, as you never know which photograph or picture will get the most likes - after all - you can’t see into the future.
Or maybe you can see into the future!
Well, you’re in luck. I say, leave it to the experts at Poprey. They have perfected the memorable picture algorithm and designed and implemented an online page with the ability to assess the memorability of a submitted picture. It couldn’t be simpler. You go to the link, click on the search box and it opens the file path where you select the picture that you want them to assess for memorability - then simply press enter.
Say what?!
The facts are just as simple: humans - YOU AND ME - remember with our eyes and we remember pictures much better than we remember word, especially when those pictures are aesthetically taken, piques our interest, makes us curious and draws us in, wanting to know more.
After all, we all want our social media followers to remember our brand, our logo, our advertisement, our youtube channel, our Instagram page and social media presence.
Social Media ♥ pictures
What do all social media platforms have in common? They really, really love pictures.
The fact is that pictures get far more engagement than just a plain, typed pages of text.
Research shows that people are 80% more likely to read an article or blog post if it has a picture and furthermore, people are 64% more likely to remember the post in the future, by associating the text with its picture.
Heatmaps - what are they?
Humans might not always listen, but we LOOK!
After submitting your picture, you will receive a detailed heatmap, which is basically a form of visual storytelling - it tells you a story about your picture. Poprey’s app takes a snapshot of your picture, interprets the data and reports on it, in the form of a heatmap, being a more understandable and colour-coded format.

The simple reason being that you don’t need to learn the theory – you just want to know the outcome, i.e. your picture’s memorability, according to the rest of the world and based on the millions of likes and comments a picture receives each day on social media platforms globally. Powerful and an extremely useful tool, designed by the Poprey team of talented developers.
Heatmaps - what are they?
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