Instagram Hacks to Take Good Photos

If your goal is to become good at shooting photos and videos that get loads of likes, shares, and comments, you need to learn Instagram hacks to take good photos. Instagram is the best social media platform for millennials and currently the best platform to showcase your photography talent.

But shooting the best Instagram photos requires hacks and skills that set your posts apart from others. You don’t have to invest in the most expensive camera and photography equipment to get the job done. Utilize these hacks and you can still get the large followership you want. In this guide, we will discuss the best Instagram hacks to take good photos and some good Instagram photo ideas to consider.

How to Take Good Instagram Photos

Step 1: Plan Ahead

You enjoy checking out your favorite influencers' Instagram pages. The pictures on their pages are beautiful, and they resonate with their followers' needs. You might have wondered about the effort and resources that go into creating such catalogs of aesthetics. Well, you guessed right- they invest a lot into posting content that their followers love.

Likewise, if you want to get likes and awesome comments on your content, you need to do the work. This doesn’t mean whipping out your smartphone to take pictures at random. Sure, you most certainly can toll this route. But creating great Instagram content requires effort and you need to plan for it. Plan to buy Instagram likes as well to grow your business quickly.

Step 2: Understand the Story You Want to Tell Your Audience

Without your audience, your Instagram account is just like any other page whose owners are clueless about their influence on followers. Your audience visits your page to get solutions or inspiration for living a more fulfilling lifestyle.

Therefore, each content you create must resonate with the story, value, and ideals of your audience. You must understand the story you want the content to portray. And if you don’t understand their pain points you might miss the opportunity to tell stories that add value to them through your posts.

Step 3: Use Natural Light to Your Advantage

One of the basics of photography is to understand how to use natural light. Natural light improves your picture aesthetics. The various objects in the picture are more striking compared to when you don’t use natural light.

In creating visual content for your Instagram page, position the subject of your picture near the source of light. Shooting directly in front of the light source could blur your camera, thereby creating a silhouette. Always shoot pictures in well-lit rooms or close to the window.

Step 4: Zoom-in on Your Picture Subject to Improve its Appearance

Have you ever noticed that when you take pictures from a distance, it doesn’t reflect the true image of your subject? Well, this is a photography challenge that is inherent when you want to shoot pictures that require you to distance yourself from the subject.

To take the best pictures in this scenario, simply zoom in on the subject. Zooming in on the subject improves the photo appearance without necessarily moving closer to the subject.

Step 5: Ensure that Your Photo Angle is Flattering

While taking your Instagram photos, you need to consider the best angles that are flattering for your subject. For example, if you want to take food pictures, it is best to shoot from an elevated angle. Shooting from above the subject, in this case, gives your audience a great view of what the subject portrays.

Step 6: Use Body Butter to Make Your Legs Glow

Looking at some of the beautiful pictures of your favorite influencers, you would notice that their pictures have glows that make them more appealing to you. Even in beauty magazines, the models apply body butter to have stunning looks.

You too can have the same glow in your Instagram pictures. Simply apply a generous amount of body butter or moisturizer on your body parts, especially your legs.

Step7: Take Pictures When You are in a Good Mood

Your pictures are a reflection of who you are in person. Sometimes when you shoot these pictures your audience could tell from the pic how much effort you put into it. As a rule of thumb, shoot pictures when you’re in a good mood to create great Instagram content. But if the story of your Instagram post is a sad one, then you should take the picture to suit your mood.

Step 8: Use Music to Your Advantage

Truly, music is the soul's food. Sometimes music affects your mood and you can use it to get the right vibes for your video or photoshoots. If you want to create Instagram posts that have a funky theme, you might want to play any of your favorite rock tunes to get you in the right mind for the photoshoot.

Also, you can use colors to improve your photo quality. For instance, if you wear yellow clothes, it sends an appealing and fun message to the viewer. Whereas white clothing has a classy appeal. Choose the right clothes that tell the right story about your content.

Step 9: Ensure that Your Photo Grid is Parallel to the Horizon

While shooting your photos ensure that the grid is parallel to the subject's horizon of your picture. No matter how much you tilt your smartphone or camera, you can still get the best picture once the grid is parallel to the subject’s horizon.

Step 10: Edit Your Photos

After shooting your videos and pictures, you still need to edit them to resonate with your Instagram audience's needs. There are lots of Instagram filters and editing features you can use. Also, you can choose any of your favorite third-party apps to get the right picture and video content.

Good Instagram Photo Ideas to Consider

Learning tips to solve problems is necessary to living a more fulfilling life. And sharing them with your audience is even more rewarding. Humans are indeed social beings. We thrive on learning and sharing solutions and advice. In sharing these tips we contribute our efforts in making others live better.

You too can share tips with your audience in your chosen niche. Your Instagram followers will be inspired to take action if you share tips that have helped you achieve your life goals. It shouldn’t be tips about your success stories only. You can share valuable tips you learned while experimenting with ideas.

Who doesn’t want to see excellent food photos on their Instagram feed? We all love to view pictures of different cuisines from around the world. Even if the photos are the food you eat daily, seeing them on your feed brings back memories and motivates you to cook meals and share with friends and family members too.

To take the best quality food photos, place the food on a plain background, preferably white or black. Using a black or white background in your food pictures focuses the viewer's attention on the meal. Ensure you use natural light and take the picture from above to capture the complete view of the food.

Being among nature has a positive impact on the human mind. You become more relaxed and curious about your environment. Likewise, your Instagram followers love to see the beautiful scenery in your environment. This could be your local park, your favorite beach, or a mountain in your locale

Whatever scenes of nature inspire you, you can share them with your audience. And they may be motivated to go out and enjoy the best of nature. Even though the pandemic

Tell Your Stories

We all love stories. No two persons' stories are the same. In capturing and telling your stories on Instagram, you indirectly inspire others to be open and courageous to tell theirs. Don't be afraid to share your story matter how you think your story doesn’t matter. Each of our life experiences is uniquely ours and we can let others into our world when we share our stories. Instagram thrives on letting followers into our lives via our posts.

You can decide to document your travel journey to your favorite holiday spots. Sharing the details of your trip and its influence on you could be exactly what your followers need to kick-start their traveling journey.


Inspirational quotes help us to stay focused on achieving our goals. They act as prompts encouraging us towards accomplishing our goals. Depending on your niche and audience, you can post favorite quotes to inspire your audience to take life-enhancing actions.

For instance, if you are in the health and fitness niche, you can create inspirational posts to motivate your audience to achieve their goals. You can decide to go all out in being creative with your post. Writing a famous health quote in the sand on your favorite beach will get you responses from your followers. But, you can do this the smart way by visiting our site.

Share Your Accomplishments

No man is indeed an island. We work hard to achieve our life goals, irrespective of the challenges we face. Eventually, we overcome these difficulties and we are proud to share our accomplishments with our family and friends.

Even on your Instagram page, you can share your achievements with your audience as well as the steps you took. Sharing your accomplishments with them motivates them to achieve your goals and share their accomplishment

Behind the scenes

Yes, we all love to have the perfect picture look. But have you considered that your Instagram followers might be interested to know about the challenges you faced when shooting videos or photos? These unwanted scenes you edit and cut out from your content might be what your audience wants to see. They want to know how much effort and resources you invest in producing top-notch content always. In the aftermath, you can upload this content to give an idea of what you do.

Favorite Places

Everyone indeed has a place where they like to visit to unwind and relax from the hustle and bustle of earning a living. It could be your favorite beach, a holiday spot in the Caribbean, or a classic restaurant.

Visiting your favorite places should be part of your effort towards living a healthy lifestyle. These places could be where you frequent when you want to have a great time with family and friends. You can invite your Instagram viewers along by posting pictures of places you love.

These make great content on Instagram and you encourage your followers to visit these spots when they are in town.

Life Struggles

Everyone goes through tough times and we all need a shoulder or two to lean on. It might be your family, friends, or Instagram audience. Seeking help is a courageous and progressive step to living a healthy lifestyle. Your honesty about your struggles could be the support any of your followers need to overcome their pains.

In telling your stories about your life experiences, you indirectly librate and inspire others to own their struggles and tell their tales. And they can seek help and a shoulder to lean on for support as well.


Shooting the best Instagram photos is a fun and exciting way to share life’s precious moments with your audience. And getting it right is key to growing your audience and increasing your influence. There are Instagram hacks you can use to start creating content that gets a high number of likes, shares, and comments. Use them to improve your Instagram photo shooting skills. But, you can still get the likes, shares, and comments the smart way. Simply visit Poprey to get started.

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