How to Create Perfect Instagram Username (or Change it if it Unavailable)?

You don’t have to be a great former to create a unique Instagram username. Just get our advice and choose the most awesome name for your account.

Why Instagram Usernames Are So Important

A good name is the best of all treasures. It's hard to argue with this phrase. How often do you come up against the examples of unsuccessful naming in business?  Have you ever ignored a new café or a new product because of a bad name? Choosing of Instagram name plays a big part in your account. That is what makes you different from a million similar Instagram accounts.

How to Choose Perfect Instagram Username?

To come up with a nickname on Instagram, you need creativity and imagination. It can be completely different: an ordinary virtual pseudonym, a name based on films, music groups, serials and books; real name with a combination of numbers (usually this is the date of birth - day, month, year in different variations). The main difficulty of naming on Instagram is that the nickname must be unique, while most names are already taken.

Also it should be:

easy to remember;

easy to write;

reflect your activities;

contain your name or surname;

contain the minimum number of characters;

make an impression.

It is very rare even for a specialist to realize everything at once. But we have some Instagram name tips for creating your ideal username.

Tip #1: Highlight Your Brand’s Offering

Commercial pages use the company name or the word that describes the activity as much as possible. 

Your Instagram account name allows you to find your Instagram account through a request. Analyze how your customers will look for you. If they search you by occupation (using the words “beauty”, “florist”, “design”, etc.), try to reflect it in the account name. Moreover you can include your name in the login. Ideally, the nickname of the specialist is @occupatoion_surname. For example: @ teacher_petrova. Do not be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Tip #2: Make it Memorable

Your nickname must stick in users’ memory. It must be simple and understandable, but at the same time original. You can make any fact about yourself a feature of the nickname: unusual surname or name, your nationality, place of residence, hobbies, personality traits, abilities, looks and other reasons for pride. Didn't find a suitable word? Use other tricks, such as numbers and signs, abbreviations, words back to front, anagrams and even sounds! This technique was used by the famous actors Dwayne Jones -  @therock, Neil Patrick Harris - @nph. Take a test! If your login turned out to be easy to read aloud, if you could remember it and repeat it in 15–20 minutes, then this is already half the battle.

Tip #3: Be Consistent Across All Social Platforms

The account name is the main tool for finding your page. If you want to attract a large audience, create accounts in different social networks. Nevertheless, before choosing a name - check its availability in each of the networks. Your nickname should be accessible and the same everywhere. It will help your subscribers find you in the most secluded corners of the Internet.

Tip #4: Make Sure it’s Easy to Spell

Effective nickname should be as short as possible. Many people live on mobile platforms. In such cases, it is convenient to write a short name in the search engine. It's easier to pronounce and memorize a combination of 8-10 letters! Do not go overboard with the Instagram username characters. Use easy spelling.  A few numbers will not hurt, but constant underscores, hyphens and dots will make potential subscribers crazy! One of my favorite account @sbsolly - the funniest content and the easiest nickname. 

Tip #5: Keep Long-term Goals in Mind

What will happen to my account tomorrow? When you choose a nickname, try to consider the possible ways of developing your account. If you are promoting a specific product, you should not focus on this alone. Your nickname can help you to attract new subscribers. Use synonyms or words from an adjacent area.

What Not To Do When Choosing an Instagram Username

We’ve looked at helpful tips for creating some good Instagram usernames, and there are some features that are best avoided. Please note that a secure nickname should not contain too much personal information. Age, place of residence, date of birth and further on the list - so not long become a tidbit for crackers.

It is forbidden to use words like "follow" or "like" in a nickname. Instagram will not allow you to register with that name. Even if you succeed, it is likely that social network administrators will delete the account without trial.

We do not recommend using various characters in the username, except for the underscore of dots and numbers.

Another obvious prohibition is that you cannot use curses.

How to Change Your Instagram Username

So, you determined the theme of your account, came up with an awesome nickname and there was one-step left before the transformation. What conditions must a blogger fulfill before changing his nickname?

1. Give Your Followers a Heads up

The first and most significant action - you must warn your subscribers about the change of name. Don’t you want to lose them? Use stories, highlight them, write a post - all methods are good to notify your subscribers. Imagine that appears in your feed instead of the usual @ kate_green. Warn everyone and change nickname will pass without problems.

2. Secure Your Old Username

Do you want to change your nickname, but still in doubt? There is good news for you! March 20, famous developer Jane Manchun Wong tweeted: "Instagram will start locking old usernames for 14 days after changing so the previous owner can revert to it within the grace period".

Important! You can use your old account to redirect your subscribers to a new page.

3. Secure Your Instagram Verification

Are you a happy owner of a blue tick? We have some bad news. When you change your nickname, you will need to re-verify your account. Just contact Instagram support.

4. Update Your Social Links

The most tedious part of changing your nickname is replacing all the links to your account on the Internet. Do not forget that a change of name leads to a change of URL.

Username: Personal or Brand Name?

When you’ve decided on an account theme, think about the content. If you focus on your personality, it is better to use your name in the title. If the account is dedicated to the business or promotion of a product, the brand name will be more appropriate. Such nicknames as @jimmychoo, @gucci or @mango speak for themselves. 

Important! How to get a taken Instagram username? Sometimes people leave their account while somebody need that nickname. You can just ask its owner to give it to you. Find the owner’s email and try to communicate. Moreover you can apply to Instagram support.


Remember that all the simplest names are already taken. Experiment! Swap and double letters. Mix numbers and signs. Use similar words and synonyms. Make your nickname one of professional usernames.  

Nickname should be unique and enticing. After reading the nickname, people should be interested in the content on your page, tap on it and subscribe, if they like it.

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